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Data-driven solutions and high-performance hardware intended for increased resource efficiency and crop yield, constitute an important tool for every fish farmer. Applying our engineers’ expertise, GiliOcean can deploy these hi-tech technologies (e.g. machine-learning algorithms and big-data analytics), to analyze the water quality as well as fish biomass, mortality, and behavior. Thus, provides crucial information for farmers, who can then make precise data-based decisions, enabling better management tools, livestock monitoring, and precision aquaculture.


Precision Fish Farming will contribute to promoting commercial aquaculture from the traditional experience-based to a knowledge-based production regime. This can only be achieved through the increased use of emerging technologies and automated systems.


Therefore, management tools and monitoring systems are needed within the fields of Biomass Monitoring, Control of Feed Delivery, Parasite Monitoring and Management of Crowding Operations.

GO Smart® BioCam

The Biomass estimation camera is an all-in-one online integrated system.

It calculates the accurate fish weight in addition to the distribution of the cage population. Together with the integrated oxygen and temperature sensors, it provides the farmer with the optimal info necessary for the correct daily feeding calculation. In addition, it has the ability to connect directly to the feeding boat/center of operations in real-time to have live observation during the feeding task. The system is designed to operate in all weather conditions without any
human interference running on solar energy can be controlled
remotely via a user-friendly web application. Alongside the system
supplied, we can provide cloud data services and complementary
management software.

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GO Smart® Software Integration 

GO Smart® software is a user-friendly web application with the ability to view and edit data anywhere, anytime.


Its flexibility enables the user to manually update real-time data or get it automatically from the farms' biomass camera, feeding camera, mortality counter, and other sensors, such as dissolved oxygen and water temperature.


The user can view fish FCR, SGR, and historical performance, in colorful and clear graphics, with a wide range selection of built-in reports.


The software is suitable for any mobile device connected to the internet.

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GO Smart® Mortality Counter

GiliOcean Mortality Counter is the only existing system of its kind, designated for counting and separating the dead fish out of the cage. There is no need for an expensive pumping machine, piping system, or energy wastage.  Data is transmitted in situ and the farmer is aware of the mortality numbers at all times.


The device is conically shaped and located underneath each cage; the sinking dead fish are gathered together and collected from a stainless-steel box which isolates them from fish within the cage and other aquatic animals such as seals, dolphins, and sharks. Hence, environmental biosecurity is maintained at the top level, preventing the spread of diseases due to parasites, bacteria, and viruses.


The collected data is stored in an offshore control box and it is wirelessly transmitted via an LTE modem. An hourly update exhibiting the number of dead fish is displayed by means of our smartphone application or GiliOcean's management software.

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