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The SUBflex system is a single-point mooring, submersible, flexible net cage system. It is extremely user-friendly.

The technology has proved itself under extreme sea conditions offshore.


Single Point Mooring (SPM)

The system of cages is attached to the seabed by a single anchor, which enables it to rotate around itself 360° degrees. This allows the system to follow the currents and waves rather than resist them, which will increase the system's life span and durability in harsh weather conditions.


By using the SPM design, there is a constant movement of the structure, minimizing the impact of the seabed and natural marine habitat by dispersing the organic matter, unconsumed fish feed, and fecal matter in a 1000-meter radius.  


Modular design

Every SUBflex system is made out of non-dissolvable and metal-free materials, making it low maintenance and more durable even in the harshest weather conditions. As a result, its life span is extended considerably, lasting for 20 years and making the system very cost-effective.


Every SUBflex net cage system is tailor-made to suit the customer's needs and preferences taking the sea conditions and market demand into account in order to reach optimal success. The system can be designed to cultivate almost any fish and location.


The net cage system has the ability to submerge, as deep as necessary, in merely 9 minutes. This solves the biggest challenge of offshore fish farming; harsh weather conditions. Water-borne feeding techniques can be applied to secure continuous feeding and growth of the fish. When the waves subside and the sea is calm, the system can float back on the surface quickly and easily, retaining conventional floating-cage chrematistics and providing ideal cultivation and maintenance conditions.



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