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"Sometimes to do better you have to go beyond the familiar, looking for solutions out on the edge…"

(Paul Greenberg "The Fish on my Plate")

Company Overview

GiliOcean Technology is a hi-tech company specializing in innovative sustainable fish farming.  GiliOcean Technology has designed and currently operates the world’s largest offshore single array fish farm in Open Ocean Production.


Established in 2004, GiliOcean Technology is a forerunner in third-generation marine aquaculture know-how. Identifying the future needs and problems of the growing world population and industry. Wanting to make a change, GiliOcean's team has decided to embark on a journey to transform the face of the fish farming industry, delivering a solution to the challenges that traditional fish farms face nowadays.


By incorporating advanced technologies into a traditional industry while simplifying operations, GiliOcean Technology manages to maximize efficiency and upscale the production of premium quality marine protein at open ocean sites.




GiliOcean Technology moves fish further offshore, back into their natural habitat, where the oxygen level is ideal and the natural micro-elements help the fish grow faster and healthier, with negligible use of antibiotics. While doing so, the company takes advantage of unused territories at sea, minimizing the harmful impact on the environment and supplying fish with superb water quality. 



GiliOcean's key asset is its environment-friendly, cutting-edge technology, featuring a submersible single-point mooring net cage system (SPM), which lines up all the cages in a single array. By being able to submerge the entire system, the cages, and the fish are not affected by harsh weather conditions, and its single-point mooring allows it to rotate 360 degrees, thereby preventing it from polluting or being affected by external pollution.



GiliOcean's Time Line

2004 - 2006
2006 - 2008
2010 - 2012
2018 - 2019 
2020 - 2021

Subflex was established and began its collaboration with Technion (Israels Institute of technology) to create the first net cage system.

The pilot project launched the rising Gilthead Sea Bream 2 km offshore in the Mediterranean Sea.

Withstood 8 m waves successfully.

  • 1st commercial net cage system

  • Production capacity: 350 tons \ per year

  • 11 km offshore Israel's Southern Coast

  • 60 m depth

Operated 3 Open Sea Fish Farms.

Upgraded our cutting-edge technology creating the largest offshore cage systems in the world. Production capacity: 1000 tons/year single array growing
Sea Bass and Sea Bream.

Defiant to 11.7 m waves.

GiliOcean Technology (which includes SUBflex) was established as a major distributor of innovative net cage systems. 

Received official backing and support from the Ministry of Economy of Israel and were involved in a joint venture with Hi-Center of Haifa.

Officially selected as an SME instrument by the EU Commission, Subflex received funding for additional R&D under Horizon 2020, the largest to date EU Research & Development Program for "World Class Science".

GiliOcean Technology set sail to its biggest farm yet with a production potential of 2000 tons. Location: 15 Km out of Ashdod Port (Israel).

Species: Sea Bream

GiliOcean Technology generates high success with the Subflex Net Cage System in Ashdod and releases the company "Open Sea" to stand on its own fin.

With the Covid-19 hitting the world hard, GiliOcean push forward with new AI technology and opens the sister company under the name "GoSmart Precision Farming LTD" .

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