Ychiel Swimer


Possessing an experience of more than 25 years in innovative companies, inclusive of companies within the Smart Milking and Dairy Industry, specializing in the installation of mega-milking facilities throughout Israel.

Hilik studied Practical Electronic Engineering at the Technion, Israel’s leading Institute of Technology; and holds a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology. Hilik was employed as a Department Head at the Pollack Laboratory (in the Milking System Electronic Laboratory).

Josef Melechner


The offshore condition has constituted a major part of his daily life during the last decade. Josef possesses an experience of 8 years in project management, inland and offshore, as well as in business development in the aquaculture market. Josef has a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel and an MBA degree awarded by the Open University of Israel.

Josef is also a skipper and a technical diver, having a considerable worldwide diving experience.

Nitai Drimer


Nitai Drimer, Naval Architect and Ocean Engineer, B.Sc. (1989), M.Sc. (1991) and D.Sc. (1994) degrees from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. 


A designer of boats and marine structures in NAMCO – Naval and Mechanical Engineering Company between 1989 and 2013, including concept design and analysis through all the development of SUBflex systems since 2002. 


Researcher and Director of CAMERI – Coastal & Marine Engineering Research Institute between 1994 and 2012. 


Associate Professor in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,

Head of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Major, since October 2012.  Lecturer of the courses: Dynamics of Marine Structures and Analysis of Structures at the Technion.

Amitai Peleg

Mechanical Engineer

Amitai Peleg is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in the field of Marine Engineering. Since 1998, Amitai has gained extensive marine experience while operating a range of small to medium scale vessels.

Amitai possesses a B.Sc Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion Institute of technology, which was awarded in 2008.


Some of the projects he has been leading pertain to the field of Autonomous Marine Systems as well as to the field of Automation of Processes at Sea in general.

Amitai is motivated by the passion to create new ideas and solve physical challenges at sea.

Avi Bar Shalom


Avi Bar Shalom is a practical engineer with a vast experience in the field of smart farming.

Avi has acquired his knowledge as an inventor and an entrepreneur in the field of precision dairy farming.

Avi started as a dairy manager in 1991 at Kibbutz Nachsholim and continues as a project development manager at the start-up company “VocalTag Ltd.”​



Avi is an inventor of a few patents and patent applications in the field of animal monitoring. Avi was serving as R&D advisor and product co-operate development at “AfiMilk” and “CardiacSense”. 


Avi is motivated by his passion for the sea and his attraction to create an alternative, more environmentally friendly and healthy sources of food using the unexploited area of the sea.  

Ron Shavit

Business Development and Marketing

Ron has joined GiliOcean after several years in previous marketing and sales positions in companies such as Sodastream and Coca-Cola. 


He has a bachelor's degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


As a Kibutz member, Ron has longtime roots and experience connecting him to the field of Agriculture. He is driven by his enthusiasm to promote greener more sustainable solutions to better ensure our worlds global food security and supply.